Fits almost any Guitar

Installation is very easy.

Without drilling, gluing or milling. You will be ready to play in 15 minutes!


It is recommended to use a contact cleaning liquid (such as ethyl alcohol) before installing the PowerHeads to the contacting PCB. Ensure that all contacts have a good connection before tightening the Hex Nuts entirely.

Use caution when inserting the battery. Pay attention to the slotted design to guarantee proper orientation!

Remove all original tuners from the headstock.

Place the contacting PCB onto the backside of the headstock. Verify that the Tronical logo appears the right way up.

Make sure that all PCB drill holes line up with the headstock’s tuner holes. Insert the PowerHeads through the Tuner holes.

Apply the Washers and mount the Hex Nuts.

Use the wrench that comes with the set to tighten the Hex Nuts onto the PowerHeads.