What does TronicalTune do?

TronicalTune auto tunes your guitar within seconds. It gives you easy access to alternate tunings. Expand your musical possibilities with different tunings! Some of the greatest guitar players in popular music rely on alternate tunings when creating their hit records. Tunings like Open G and Open E, for example, give you different tones and chord […]

How does TronicalTune work?

TronicalTune measures your guitar’s natural born sound frequencies at the headstock. An intelligent learning algorithm captures and stores the acoustic properties in relation to the frequency mixture of your guitar. It then creates all needed motor commands so the servos auto tune your guitar in seconds. The exchangeable & rechargeable battery pack is good for […]

Can I still tune by hand?

Yes! Please note the bass side PowerHeads turn in the opposite direction from usual. They turn clockwise to sharpen and counter clockwise to flatten. Note: Take your hands away from the tuning pegs while auto tuning is activated as you may damage the servos.

Can I store my own custom tunings?

It contains 36 presets, including 24 alternate tunings and 12 free presets – all storage spaces optionally rewritable. You can create your own tunings and expand your creativity. The system can also adjust to other instrument’s unorthodox tuning with Reference Tuning mode to match other instruments pitch. It also let you tune to other guitars […]