What is the difference between Multistring and Singlestring Mode?

The Tronical Tune system offers two basic tuning modes.

  • 1. Multistring Mode (polyphonic) – switch the system on and just strum all strings at once and the PowerHeads will start tuning all strings. Please strum the strings quickly in one move. Please let the strings swing on your guitar for 5 to 6 seconds and dampen all strings that are in tune indicated by a green LED. Pluck only those strings that are still out of tune which are identified by a red LED.
  • 2. Singlestring Mode – switch the system on and  pluck each string individually untill its LEDshows green. The TronicalTune system will switch to the next string indicated by a red flashing LED.


Make sure to let the strings swing properly. Damping the strings too early will prevent the device to tune. If you use Multistring Mode please dampen all strings that are already in tune (indicated by a green LED) and pluck or strum only those strings that are not in tune yet – one by one. Do not interrupt or exit the tuning process before the tuning is completed, i.e. all LEDs are green – and the device turns off.


NOTE: Multistring Mode is much faster, but Singlestring is more robust, especially in the face of noisy environments and other impediments.

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