Unlocking the Sound: Exploring the World of Famous Artists Embracing TronicalTune

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, innovation often plays a pivotal role in shaping the sounds that define generations. TronicalTune, a revolutionary automatic guitar tuning system, has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to streamline the tuning process while maintaining impeccable accuracy. As musicians seek efficiency without compromising on quality, TronicalTune has emerged as a go-to solution for renowned artists across various genres. Let’s delve into the world of famous musicians who have embraced TronicalTune and how it has transformed their musical journeys.

Tronicaltune Guitar Tuner
Tronicaltune Guitar Tuner
  1. Ed Sheeran: Renowned for his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Ed Sheeran is one of the most influential singer-songwriters of his generation. Embracing TronicalTune, Sheeran has found a reliable ally in maintaining pitch-perfect tuning during his electrifying live performances. Whether captivating audiences with intimate acoustic ballads or delivering high-energy performances on stage, Sheeran’s seamless tuning with TronicalTune ensures that every note resonates with clarity and precision.

  2. John Mayer: As a virtuoso guitarist and prolific songwriter, John Mayer’s musical prowess knows no bounds. With TronicalTune integrated into his arsenal of guitars, Mayer effortlessly navigates through intricate chord progressions and blistering solos with unmatched finesse. Whether channeling the bluesy vibes of his early work or exploring new sonic territories, Mayer’s endorsement of TronicalTune underscores its reliability and versatility in catering to the demands of a diverse musical palette.

  3. Keith Urban: A country music icon known for his electrifying performances and unparalleled guitar skills, Keith Urban relies on TronicalTune to ensure flawless tuning across his extensive collection of guitars. From the infectious grooves of his chart-topping hits to the heartfelt ballads that resonate with audiences worldwide, Urban’s endorsement of TronicalTune speaks volumes about its effectiveness in enhancing the sonic landscape of his live shows and studio recordings.

  4. Slash: With his iconic top hat and blistering guitar solos, Slash remains an emblematic figure in the realm of rock music. Whether shredding through the anthemic riffs of Guns N’ Roses classics or exploring new sonic frontiers with his solo endeavors, Slash entrusts TronicalTune to maintain the impeccable tuning required to deliver electrifying performances night after night. As a testament to its reliability, TronicalTune has become an integral component of Slash’s signature sound.

  5. Nuno Bettencourt: Renowned for his unparalleled technical proficiency and innovative approach to guitar playing, Nuno Bettencourt’s endorsement of TronicalTune underscores its appeal to musicians seeking precision and efficiency. Whether unleashing blistering solos with Extreme or collaborating with artists across diverse genres, Bettencourt’s seamless integration of TronicalTune into his sonic toolkit exemplifies its adaptability and reliability in the hands of a masterful guitarist.

  6. Joe Satriani: Revered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Joe Satriani’s technical prowess and emotive playing style have captivated audiences worldwide for decades. With TronicalTune integrated into his arsenal of guitars, Satriani can effortlessly transition between intricate melodies and lightning-fast runs without missing a beat. Whether delivering soaring solos or crafting intricate soundscapes, Satriani’s endorsement of TronicalTune highlights its ability to meet the demands of even the most discerning virtuosos.

  7. Steve Vai: A visionary guitarist known for his unparalleled creativity and boundary-pushing compositions, Steve Vai’s music transcends genres and defies conventions. With TronicalTune at his disposal, Vai can explore new sonic territories with confidence, knowing that his guitars will remain perfectly in tune regardless of the musical complexities he delves into. From the ethereal atmospheres of his solo work to the face-melting shredding of his live performances, Vai’s endorsement of TronicalTune underscores its adaptability to the ever-evolving needs of a true musical innovator.

  8. Billy Gibbons: As the mastermind behind the blues-infused rock sound of ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons has left an indelible mark on the world of music with his soulful guitar playing and distinctive tone. With TronicalTune enhancing his array of guitars, Gibbons can effortlessly channel the gritty blues licks and infectious grooves that have become synonymous with his iconic sound. Whether unleashing the timeless classics of ZZ Top or exploring new sonic landscapes in his solo endeavors, Gibbons’ endorsement of TronicalTune highlights its ability to complement the raw energy and authenticity of his playing.

  9. Tosin Abasi: Renowned for his innovative approach to guitar playing and boundary-pushing techniques, Tosin Abasi stands at the forefront of modern progressive metal. With TronicalTune integrated into his arsenal of extended-range guitars, Abasi can navigate through complex rhythms and intricate melodies with unparalleled precision and speed. Whether unleashing thunderous djent riffs with Animals as Leaders or pushing the boundaries of technical proficiency with his solo projects, Abasi’s endorsement of TronicalTune underscores its suitability for the demanding requirements of modern metal guitarists.

  10. Kaki King: A trailblazing guitarist known for her unique fingerstyle technique and experimental soundscapes, Kaki King has redefined the possibilities of the acoustic guitar. With TronicalTune enhancing her instruments, King can seamlessly blend percussive rhythms, intricate melodies, and unconventional tunings to create mesmerizing sonic tapestries. Whether captivating audiences with her solo performances or collaborating with artists across various genres, King’s endorsement of TronicalTune highlights its ability to empower musicians to push the boundaries of acoustic guitar playing and sonic experimentation.


    From rock legends to virtuosic shredders, and innovative trailblazers, the endorsement of TronicalTune by influential artists across diverse genres underscores its universal appeal and transformative impact on the world of guitar playing. As musicians continue to push the boundaries of creativity and technical proficiency, TronicalTune stands as a testament to innovation’s ability to enhance the musical experience, empowering artists to unlock new levels of expression and sonic exploration.



Jeff Pevar

JeffPevar.jpg.pagespeed.ce .q6Esp8XlN3 Jeff Pevar

There are times when I need alternate tunings, Tronicaltune is a phenomenal unit, it works great. Read more “Jeff Pevar”

Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ray Charles, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones

Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler klein.jpg.pagespeed.ce .KXqMjOY0it Tim Wheeler

Being a lead singer and guitarist, it has really made life easy during the live shows. A genius upgrade for your guitar! Read more “Tim Wheeler”



TrailerParkSex trailerparksex

The band started 2014 with “Transatlantic” and now most recently “From Below” is their soon to be revealed new output. Read more “trailerparksex”


Christian Lee

ChristianLee Christian Lee

Technology meets practicality and the TronicalTune makes life on the road that much better Read more “Christian Lee”

No Bragging Rights

Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan Guthrie Govan

I can confirm that it really does work: I haven’t seen anything quite like it. Read more “Guthrie Govan”

The Aristocrats

Axel Ritt

AxelRitt Axel Ritt

It blew me away. I did not expect that precise and fast tuning in all situations Read more “Axel Ritt”

Grave Digger

Cindy Alexander

CindyAlexander Cindy Alexander

My Tronical is akin to have Siri inside my guitar – an invisible guitar tech Read more “Cindy Alexander”

Cindy Alexander

Ward Williams

WardWilliams.jpg.pagespeed.ce .lch0Y9xqJt Ward Williams

Sometimes when you just change the tuning you get inspired. Just going into a new tuning opens up the door to your creativity. Read more “Ward Williams”

Randy Houser

Sandro Giampietro

sandro giampietro.jpg.pagespeed.ce .AXwTCvbbLS Sandro Giampietro

It’s so comfortable to climb the stairs to stage, pushing one knob knowing everything is in Tune? Read more “Sandro Giampietro”

Helge Schneider | Starchild

Douglas Blair

DouglasBlair 1 Douglas Blair

The system works flawlessly, allowing me to play in 2 different tunings during our show. I’ve dreamt of this day!” Read more “Douglas Blair”


Chas Sanford

ChasSandford Chas Sanford

TronicalTune is as innovative as the pickup. I am nothing short of blown away! Read more “Chas Sanford”

Stevie Nicks

Christofer Johnssonn

Christofer Johnsson e1455181285936.jpg.pagespeed.ce .Y3096n5Xl2 Christofer Johnssonn

For quickly getting back in tune on stage when needed, this system is very valuable. It’s very reliable and once you get used to it, it’s hard to imagine playing without it. Read more “Christofer Johnssonn”

Therion; Luciferian Light Orchestra

Jeff Waters

Anihillator.jpg.pagespeed.ce .ZNMRbxEAvm Jeff Waters

I put it to the real-world test… it worked, as advertised – simply amazing Read more “Jeff Waters”


Kurt Rosenwinkel

KurtRosenwinkel2 Kurt Rosenwinkel

I love my Tronical tuning system. I can switch between custom tunings at the push of a button between songs. Read more “Kurt Rosenwinkel”

Kurt Rosenwinkel

Jon Foreman

JonForeman Jon Foreman

Tronical allows me bring just one guitar for multiple tunings, so all night long I’m focused on the songs not the strings. Read more “Jon Foreman”


Doyle Bramhall II

DoyleBramhall Doyle Bramhall II

Band: Eric Clapton Instrument: Gibson Custom About: Doyle Bramhall II was raised in a home filled with the blues and rock and roll sounds that are indigenous to his birthplace… Read more “Doyle Bramhall II”

Eric Clapton

Pierre “Keule” Blesse

Keule Ohrenfeind 2 e1467378247482 Pierre “Keule” Blesse

Das gute Tuning macht die Musik! Nur ein Knopfdruck und es kann rocken! Read more “Pierre “Keule” Blesse”


Sergey Vishnyakov

SergeyVishnyakov.jpg.pagespeed.ce .MYv4zS03AG Sergey Vishnyakov

Thanks to TronicalTune, it is now dead easy to switch from classical tuning into DADGAD and back. It is highly practical and utterly magical. Read more “Sergey Vishnyakov”


Dave Linsk

DaveLinsk Dave Linsk

With my TronicalTune system I just found a new guitar tech Read more “Dave Linsk”


Rock / Kim Soo Han

Diablo.jpg.pagespeed.ce .ljZmzS xRW Rock / Kim Soo Han

I really enjoy using Tronical tune. It makes me comfortable on stage and studio. If you are playing guitar, you need to use Tronical tune for many reasons. Read more “Rock / Kim Soo Han”


Nathan McFarland

NateMcFarland Nathan McFarland

I will be playing more in tune. TronicalTune is amazing, the future! Read more “Nathan McFarland”



SeHwangJamesKim2.jpg.pagespeed.ce .cXqmtxKJ3e Se-Hwang-James-Kim

Tronical Tuning System is a must have for any stringed instrument player Read more “Se-Hwang-James-Kim”


Paul Pesco

PaulPesco 1 Paul Pesco

The future is now! I always imagined that it was possible!!! Read more “Paul Pesco”

Jennifer Lopez, Hall&Oates

Loomis Connell Green

Loomis Connell Green.jpg.pagespeed.ce .IuoCF6xGWz Loomis Connell Green

“Since days now ive been left speechless, this gadget is so amazing!! Chris Adams is the master mind behind this unbelievable piece of gear constructed to tune the guitar in a matter of secounds literally secounds. With such dead on accuracy you wont want Read more “Loomis Connell Green”

Jan Delay

James Durbin

JamesDurbin James Durbin

now I can just tune and press the button, I strum, look at the lights and ready, set, go! Read more “James Durbin”

James Durbin



I can manage perfect tune easily. Even my guitar sustain improved! As a conclusion, everything is perfect! I fell in love with Tronical Tune. Read more “VOVO”

No Brain

Kangto Lee

kangtoLee Kangto Lee

When I use it on stage, it’s really easy to tune and fast. I can get enough rest than before. Read more “Kangto Lee”


Tom Williams

TomWilliams Tom Williams

Band: Stray From The Path Instrument: Fender Stratocaster / TronicalTune Type C About: Stray From The Path is an alternative hardcore band from Long Island New York. SFTP is a… Read more “Tom Williams”

Stray From The Path

Stephen Gibb

StepehenGibb Stephen Gibb

The TronicalTune gives me the stability I need in the studio to easily express myself. Read more “Stephen Gibb”

Black Label Society, Crowbar 58, Barbra Streisand,Ricky Skaggs

Nils “Niilz” Finkeisen

Nils Finkeisen Die Krupps Kingdom Come Eden Circus.jpg.pagespeed.ce .V7ic7oe6mo Nils "Niilz" Finkeisen

High-Tech/Low-Tuning! One does not simply play Metal-Machine-Music without robo-machineheads! Read more “Nils “Niilz” Finkeisen”

Die Krupps , Kingdom Come, Eden Circus

Tony Clarkin

TonyClarkin Tony Clarkin

The TronicalTune is a real game changer for every working guitarist, I need this on all my guitars. Read more “Tony Clarkin”


Chris Laut

Chris Laut OHRENFEINDT Tronical Chris Laut

Standard tuning, full note drop, open D, open F, and back again – rock’n’roll Reeperbahn style, always in tune! Thanx, Tronical! Read more “Chris Laut”


Giovanni Weiß

GiovanniWeiss 1 Giovanni Weiß

Ich benutze Tronical seit Jahren und bin jedes Mal auf‘s neue begeistert! Read more “Giovanni Weiß”

Django Deluxe

Eddie Ojeda

Eddie Ojeda.jpg.pagespeed.ce .yC0eNpqc6X Eddie Ojeda

To write songs in open G and D tuning has opened another world of song writing Read more “Eddie Ojeda”

Twisted Sister

Jude Gold

JudeGold Jude Gold

Can YOUR floating-bridge Stratocaster go from standard tuning to DADGAD in just seconds? Giggin with TronicalTune!!! Read more “Jude Gold”

Jefferson Starship

Kyle Keiderling

KyleKeiderling Kyle Keiderling

The Tronical Tune system is a real game changer! This makes tuning, and experimenting with alternate tunings, 10X easier and faster! Read more “Kyle Keiderling”

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Kryz Reid

KryzReid Kryz Reid

TronicalTune is quietly fabulous. Took me all of four minutes to install. It’s quick, accurate and instantly out of the way. That’s brilliant. Love it. Read more “Kryz Reid”

Third Eye Blind

Uli Jon Roth

Uli.jpg.pagespeed.ce .G35pdHfDAm Uli Jon Roth

Tronical Tuning System is a must have for any stringed instrument player Read more “Uli Jon Roth”


June Hyung Park

JuneHyungPark.jpg.pagespeed.ce . qddeoi38K June Hyung Park

Tronical Tune is coolest gear that I ever used. It’s accurate, easy to use, and I love the LED light’s and how they blink! Read more “June Hyung Park”


Tiffany Vicky Chan

TiffanyVickyChan.jpg.pagespeed.ce .noQ9Vtab p Tiffany Vicky Chan

Tronical is definitely your choice. Tronical is efficient and reliable. There is no second choice for a perfect guitar tuning. Read more “Tiffany Vicky Chan”

Tiffany Vicky Chan

Jennifer Batten

JenniferBatten.jpg.pagespeed.ce .LNOcKWRSI Jennifer Batten

The Tronical tuner solves the problem once and for all by tuning automatically while you’re still engaged with the audience. Read more “Jennifer Batten”

Michael Jackson, 3G

Walk Off The Earth

WalkOffTheEarth Walk Off The Earth

Its amazing the TronicalTune Magic. Stay in Tune Baby Read more “Walk Off The Earth”

Walk Off The Earth

Jesse Johnson

JesseJohnson Jesse Johnson

Tronical Tuners are so bada$$ Read more “Jesse Johnson”

B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Keb Mo

Devin King

DevinKing Devin King

I use a lot of low tunings in drop C and drop B as well as drop A sharp. The TronicalTune allows me to change tunings quickly. Awesomeness! Read more “Devin King”

The Color Morale

Sungha Jung

SunghaJung Sungha Jung

With Tronical Tune, I don’t have to change my guitar at the stage anymore. It’s perfect for finger style musician like me. Read more “Sungha Jung”

Sungha Jung

Benn Suede

BennSuede Tron3.jpg.pagespeed.ce .qreYhhPE1X Benn Suede

I tune in many different tunings, all drop tunings so the Tronicaltune will make my life easier. Amazing! Read more “Benn Suede”

Crown The Empire

Sebastian Niklaus

Sebastian Niklaus Tronical Sebastian Niklaus

Sowohl beim Songwriting als auch live auf der Bühne kann ich schnell zwischen den verschiedenen Tunings wechseln. Ein super praktisches Tool für mich! Read more “Sebastian Niklaus”

Sebastian Niklaus

Jared Roberts

MoreLikeMe Jared Roberts

The set up was easy, and it took almost no time at all to figure out how to program it. This is a quality product! Read more “Jared Roberts”

More Like Me

Greg Johnson

OnBeingHuman.jpg.pagespeed.ce .a8v7ceVJ0S Greg Johnson

In the not so distant future it will be harder to find a guitar without one. Read more “Greg Johnson”

On Being Human

Jamie Dunno

JamieDunno Jamie Dunno

The Tronical Tune Plus is the biggest jump forward in tuners I’ve seen in a long time! Read more “Jamie Dunno”

Jamie Dunno

Josh Bradford

JoshBradford Josh Bradford

I made friends with a robot and he/she tuned my guitar for me! Facinating! Read more “Josh Bradford”


Jan Akkerman

JanAkkerman.jpg.pagespeed.ce .L6PYe5BJ1q Jan Akkerman

I Always had to switch Gtars in between songs, not any more…
Great Gadget! Read more “Jan Akkerman”

Jan Akkerman